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What does the NEW Yamaha Clavinova CLP-700 Series have to offer?

Over the last few months the new series of Clavinova's have gradually arrived in store. We now have the full range on display waiting for you to try them!

In this article we'll point out what each model has to offer.

First and foremost the CLP series from Yamaha are a range of digital pianos  built with over 130 years of know-how.

 The CLP-700 series has 5 upright  models and 2 grand variants.  We also recognise that style matters too so there are a number of colour options from which to choose.

 The entry model, the CLP-725, offers a compact 88 key digital piano that aims to please with cabled Smart Pianist  App connectivity, 10 onboard sounds and the ability to record in Midi format and playback.

 The CLP-735 offers an enhanced cabinet, LCD screen and the ability to record in full audio to USB (this means you can playback your recording on other devices). Another exciting feature is the ability to experience playing your piano in another room eg a concert hall, afterall with the Clavinova CLP-735 you have 2 of the worlds top concert grands at your fingertips and 36 other sounds to explore too.

 The CLP-745 is the first model that uses  solid wood natural keys and this enhances the touch offering an even more piano like feel, compared to the lower models. From this model up, Bluetooth connectivity is also available to enable wireless connection to your tablet/phone. This model also incorporates a 2-way speaker system to bring additional clarity to the piano sound.

 The CLP-775 offers the refined linear keyboard in which each key weight is the same as a grand piano. This model also utilises a touch screen panel and has a 3 way speaker system which creates the resonance like the soundboard of a concert grand piano.

 The CLP-785, the flagship model in the CLP series offers an upright cabinet design with a folding key cover. The speakers have spruce cones, the same material as the soundboard on a grand piano. In addition to the modern grand piano sounds this piano also features fortepiano voices which allow you to experience the sound Mozart or Chopin would have experienced as you play your classical music from the masters. This model also benefits from the counterweight action which delivers touch that has to be tried to appreciate it.

 As mentioned earlier there are also 2 grand piano design models, the CLP-795GP which is akin to the CLP-785 and the CLP-765 which is a blend of the features in the CLP-735 and CLP-745.

In this article I have given you a taste of what these New Clavinovas have to offer.  Your next step is to explore them for yourself.




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