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It was an exciting morning here at Matchetts Music, with film crew and photographers from the Arts Council Northern Ireland. Local uilleann pipe maker, Patrick O'Hare from Belfast was in our classical store chatting to camera about the benefits of the Take It Away scheme, which is available through us. Gary from Matchetts also made his camera debut chatting about the scheme and how simple the process is.

Patrick is known for his group work with The McPeake family and Craobh Rua.  He is highly regarded as a skilled piper and combines his extensive reedmaking knowledge and engineering expertise to produce pipes that are crisp and vibrant in sound, paying homage to the great master Leo Rowsome his reeds and pipes are designed and made as one systems to produce a sound that is pure in tone with excellent tuning. The aesthetic of his pipes are designed to be uncluttered yet elegant based upon classis examples of Leo Rowsome concert pitch Uilleann pipes.

Anyone interested in purchasing these handmade uilleann pipes should contact Patrick directly Finance on these instruments can be done through Matchetts Music with the Take It Away scheme. All you need to do is pop into our store to go through the finance process with a member of staff which should take about 15 minutes.




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