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The new Yamaha Arius YDP145 and YDP165 have just arrived in-store so what has improved since the last models?

The first improvement I noticed is in the overall  Piano sound. While some of the technical specs might read the same there is a significant improvement in the sound over the previous models. There is more definition and better clarity in tone.

The Yamaha Smart Pianist App has also been improved and now includes  PDF Scores and an *interactive version  for 303  Technical Exercises from Beyer, Czerny and Hanon. There is also a collection of *interactive songs from Burgmüller for the budding pianist and an *interactive Library 50 classics.


The YDP-165, as you might expect, has an improved keyboard and speaker system over the lower YDP-145 model and also has an enhanced cabinet.

 *Interactive - These songs can be adapted with by the Smart Pianist App to be played slower, while learning, the key can also be changed and you can learn either hand while the app accompanies you. Great for beginners and  others too.

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