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Firstly we should address why a guitar would need a set up. Most guitars are made from wood and whilst this delivers a pleasing sound it’s organic nature does present a few problems. Wood is fairly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity which can constantly change the geometry of the guitar as the wood expands and contracts. This can drastically affect the way the guitar plays. For example for a guitar to be in tune the whole way across the fret board the distance between the saddle and the nut (where the string rests on the bridge to where it rests by the headstock)  has to be right. Another example is where temperature and humidity can cause the neck and top to move which can cause playability issues.

So a guitar set up is basically a guitar “health check”.

When you bring your guitar to us we will be checking and adjusting the string height, the neck relief, nut height and intonation (i.e. all of the correct notes sound at all of the correct frets). On electric guitars we also check the electrics and the pick-up heights. In a nutshell we basically check everything to make sure your guitar is comfortable, plays in tune and sounds at its best.

How much is a guitar set up?

A guitar set up starts at £30 plus the cost of a new set of strings of your choice (from £6.99). Any further costs are usually the result of extra work which might need to be carried out but we can assess this when you leave your guitar with us and let you know before we begin.

So why have your guitar set up with us at Matchetts Music?

Well our guitar technicians have years of experience and knowledge. We are also a Taylor Guitar Silver Repair Centre which means we are approved to do the majority of their warranty repairs. We guarantee customer satisfaction and stand over all our repairs as it is important to us that you are happy with how your guitar feels and plays.

Finally when would we recommend that you get your guitar set up?

We would usually recommend that you come in and see us for a set up if something doesn’t feel or sound right. For example you might have some fret buzz or the string height could be high making the guitar difficult to play.



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