We've recently launched our 'Guitar Care Club'. What is the 'Guitar Care Club' I hear you ask! Well it's been designed to help you look after your instrument. When you buy that dream acoustic guitar you've always wanted whether it's a Lowden, Taylor or Martin, it's a pretty big investment that needs looked after. 
The 'Guitar Care Club' is designed to give you peace of mind that your guitar will last you a life time. 
When you sign up we give you a dehumidifier to keep with your guitar, especially at the minute with this hotter climate, this is one of the biggest issues we see as humidity can have a massive effect on your guitar's performance and sound.
We also offer two guitar health checks with our guitar technician to make sure any potential problems are spotted and rectified quickly.
We also send you a set of Elixir's every three months so you can keep your guitar sounding fresh.
You'll also get a monthly newsletter, 15% off any set ups on your other guitars, 10% off guitar maintenance products and invited to our annual VIP event.
So if you've purchased an acoustic guitar within the last year or are planning to purchase the guitar of your dreams, make sure you ask the team about our 'Guitar Care Club'.


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