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Matchett's Music owner Neil had the difficult job this week of being flown to Calabasas in Los Angeles, to take a tour of the Line 6 facility courtesy of Yamaha Music. Below is an overview of his day with some photos. He's heading down to the NAMM trade show in the next few days so we're looking forward to hearing all about the exciting new gear for 2018.


"Our day at Line 6 in Calabasas started with a tour by Susan Wolf, one of the founders. We then had a talk about the history and ethos by Marcus Ryle, also one of the founders. We were shown new products for 2018 and had a Q&A about Line 6 products as well as some feedback from myself and the other UK dealers who were present. Unfortunately we couldn't take photos of the new gear until it's released at NAMM, so I've taken photos of what I could, but I'm excited about what's coming. We also got to see the amp modelling studio and it was interesting to hear how every model amp takes a month to do each one."


"Beside the Line 6 facility we went to the Yamaha artist services facility, which used to be based in Hollywood. Here we saw prototypes and artist custom guitars being built. We also got to try the new Yamaha guitars being launched at NAMM. We even got to finish our own guitar cut-outs, so I'll be bringing mine home as a gift for my wife. I bet she can't wait."




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