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A question we get asked when customers are shopping for a clarinet is what is the difference between a clarinet made of resin and one made of wood. Here we address the advantages and disadvantages of both.


ABS Resin vs Wooden Clarinets

ABS Resin


Durability - ABS resin is very strong and isn't affected by temperature changes.
Consistant sound - If you like the sound when you first play it, this sound will stay constant.
Price - Resin clarinets are cheaper to buy than wooden ones.


Tone quality - Resin clarinets generally don't have as warm a sound as wooden ones.

Wooden Clarinets


Tone quality - Wood creates a rich warm tone, with higher quality aged woods sounding even better.
As the instrument ages, the tone should improve too.
Sound quality is obviously the singular most important factor!


Durability - Wood is more susceptible to environmental changes, for example going from a warm house to a cold car
runs the risk of a wooden instrument cracking.
Price: Wooden instruments are more expensive with the better the wood, the more expensive the instrument!

  By Gary Dodsworth





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