Building your dream acoustic guitar with Lowden.

Lowden make some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world. As a dealer we always try to keep a variety of different models from the Original series but also some more unique custom offerings from the 35 and 50 series. While you may fall in love with an instrument we have in stock, it’s important to remember there is always the option to have a custom instrument build specifically for you. People often assume that a custom made guitar will carry an exorbitant price tag but as all Lowden guitars are handmade instruments there is no expensive upcharge for ordering your own unique guitar.


Guitars from the Original, 35 and 50 series can all be made to order and can be customized to some degree, with the 35 and 50 series offering a higher level of customization.


The Original Series

Original series models will always have a set spec in terms of their tone-woods, For example, a 25 model will always be a Cedar top with Rosewood back and sides, a 34 will always be a Spruce top with Koa back and sides. However there are still many options to consider when planning your own build. Body shapes play a large role in defying the tonal properties as well as the comfort of the playing experience. A cutaway can give you higher upper fret access. What about narrow or even wider nut widths? Ever thought about the multiscale length effect of fanned frets? These are just some of the more popular customisations with the Original Series models. Left handed players will also be glad to know that not only are lefty models available throughout the range but this is at no additional charge.


The 35 series

Lowden’s 35 series are truly custom instruments. 35 offers you the chance to select a wide array of wood combinations. Choose from Cedar, Spruce and Redwood tops or even a different species of Spruce like Sitka, Alpine and Lutz. These are coupled with a beautiful figured back and side wood like Tasmanian Blackwood, Ancient Bog Oak and Cocobolo to name but a few. Add to this, all the options from the Original Series as well as a few more interesting choices like the beveled arm-rest and a plethora of customisation to help you realize your dream acoustic guitar.


The 50 series

The 50 series is the cream of the crop. 50 offers a staggering choice of 90 different wood combinations. Not only is there so much more choice but all woods in the 50 series are master grade quality, the finest pieces that Lowden have to offer. This is the opportunity to spec a truly bespoke instrument using the finest crafting materials available.


Where to start?

If a custom build seems like an appealing option we can help you start the process in-store. We recommend calling into the store to try our stock of different Lowden models, this will give you a taste for the type of woods and body shape that suit your playing style. Our knowledgeable staff can also offer you advice and are happy to chat about any aspect of the build. Not sure if you should try a spruce or cedar top? Want to find a Lowden ideal for open tunings using fingerstyle? Want to get a better idea of pricing? Let us help you to craft the instrument that will bring out the most from your playing.


Why now is a good time to purchase your dream Lowden.

Until the end of April 2023 we are offering finance of  0% interest over 24 months, making it more affordable.

As a musician, you know that a quality guitar is worth its weight in gold. But sometimes, the price tag can be a major barrier to getting the guitar of your dreams. That's why we're excited to offer a limited-time financing promotion on Lowden guitars. With 24 months of 0% interest financing, you can take home the guitar you've been dreaming of and pay for it over time without any added interest costs. And when it comes to Lowden guitars, you're investing in a guitar that's built to last. These handcrafted instruments are known for their impeccable sound quality, beautiful design, and exceptional craftsmanship. Plus, by taking advantage of this financing offer, you'll be able to enjoy your Lowden guitar even sooner, and start making beautiful music right away. So don't miss out on this opportunity to own the guitar of your dreams - start your financing application today!



Instrument costing £4800

£200 per month over 24 months

or with a 50% deposit of £2400

£100 per month over 24 months

(no deposit necessary but you can pay up to a 50% deposit.)

Full details of this scheme are available here. All applications are subject to a credit check and other conditions.



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