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A Plastic Ukulele? Who'd want one of those?

We musicians can sometimes become set in our ways and a little closed to new ideas. Until recently if someone had told me you could make a string instrument primarily from plastic while retaining the tone of a wooden instrument, I'd have been sceptical. However, that is exactly what Flight Ukuleles have achieved with their innovative Travel Series. In doing so they have created series of instruments which will appeal to players of all ages, from beginners to advanced.

What makes the Travel Series so special is the mixture of natural and synthetic materials in the build; the instrument is partly made of plastic, with an ABS polymer resin back but crucially the soundboard is made of wood. The use of plastics and polymers makes the instrument incredibly robust, hard wearing and impact resistant which makes them well suited to the two most challenging environments for instruments; life on the road or a child's bedroom.

While the plastic gives the instrument strength of build, the wooden soundboard gives strength of tone, with a warm sound which sustains and projects well.


The price and aesthetic of these ukuleles makes them particularly appealing. A range of bright colours or more elaborate designs are available to suit a variety of tastes. The Flight Travel Ukuleles start from £39.99 for a soprano ukulele and each instrument comes with a bag. Come into the shop to try them out and experience the tone and playability for yourself...



By Tom McShane




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