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Smaller guitars are very much in vogue at the minute and are the perfect travelling companion for throwing in the car and taking with to strum a few tunes while getting away this summer.


At one time the idea of a guitar with a shorter scale length or smaller body was thought of as something for kids, but with artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift opting for these more compact instruments many guitar companies now offer premium quality guitars in a more portable size. These are a great options for someone of a smaller frame who perhaps struggles with a full size instrument and want’s something that’s comfortable play, but people of all sizes are starting to recognize that these petite instruments are a great option for taking on trips away or simply lounging at home with on the sofa.


A traditional ¾ size guitar features a significantly smaller body and as the name suggests, the scale length of the guitar is ¾ that of standard. Guitars like the Brunswick BT200 have always been a popular choice with younger, beginner guitarists as an affordable instrument in a manageable size. Taylor and Martin offer some higher quality options in a traditional ¾, The Baby Taylor (BT1/BT2) models and Martins LX1 series.


Taylor’s GS Mini is probably the most popular guitar we sell here at Matchetts. The GS Mini is a scaled down version of Taylor’s Grand Symphony shape and compared to the traditional ¾ like the Baby Taylor has a wider and deeper body with a larger soundhole. This somewhat larger body offer’s a deeper tone with more projection, giving you a smaller guitar that by no means sounds small. The popularity of the GS Mini has spawned a few interpretations from the likes of Sigma and Adam black.


A new brand that has been incredibly popular here are the new Sheeran by Lowden guitars. As the name suggests these are a collaboration between Ed Sheeran and local maker Lowden guitars to make a premium quality, yet affordable guitar in the smaller size that Ed favours. 2 different body shapes and a multitude of options such as pickups, cutaways, bevelled armrests and several different wood pairing make this one of the widest selections of smaller bodied guitars.


With such a wealth of options in guitars of this size and the summer holidays just on the horizon why not try out a few instore to find your perfect travelling companion in time for your next get away.


By Dara Monaghan



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