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Many of you won't have heard of Austrian Audio but with a core team of 22 former AKG management acoustics, electronics, test and measurement, mechanical design, RF/wireless, and software and firmware. They are definitely not new to the acoustic engineering industry.  

In 2017 AKG acoustics closed their offices in Vienna, moving their headquarters to California. AKG had been established in 1947 in Vienna by by two Viennese: physicist Rudolf Görike and engineer Ernst Pless. The company had been acquired by the American company Harman International Industries in 1994. By this time, AKG's United States subsidiary had been established.

Following the closure of the AKG offices in Vienna, Austrian Audio was started by the former Austrian employees. The team at Austrian Audio set out to create something new, challenging, and respectful with their heritage.

Armed with a wealth of experience and a mission to make passion heard, their team of experts were ready to take on the industry giants by striving to produce products that embody the sound and engineering excellence one would expect from a company with their history.

While Austrian Audio may be a relatively new company, the skill, knowledge, and tradition lives on at Austrian Audio, backed by over 350 years of cumulative engineering experience. And they’re not only focused on heritage: keep an eye on where their journey is taking technology and audio.

 The OC818 and OC18 microphones highlight their passionate commitment to sound and engineering excellence.

The heart of each large diaphragm condenser microphone is a carefully handcrafted CKR112 ceramic capsule designed and constructed in Vienna.

 Austrian Audio are responsible for technologies in audio, acoustics transducers and noise cancelling as well as specialized technology in aviation and telecoms.

They’ve put all this knowledge to work in their amazing headphone range. From the affordable Hi-X15 to the professional Hi-X60 headphones you feel and hear the quality, care and love they put into the products.

We are now stocking a selection of their headphones and high end microphones. We think they're great but come in and check them out for yourself.




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