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  1. Extremely Well Made.

All Taylor guitars are made in North America and feature exceptional, precision build quality. Taylor's 300 Series and upwards all made in in the California while the 200 series or lower (100 series, GS Minis, Baby range and Academies) are made across the boarder in Mexico.

When it comes to construction, US built Taylors have all-solid wood construction, while the Mexican made guitars have a solid top, combined with layered back and sides. The US models are also more advanced in terms of their craftsmanship, such as detailed binding, inlays and finishes, plus each one comes with a hard case. The Mexican models come with a deluxe soft case (aside from the 200 Deluxe models which come with a hard case). 

However when it comes to quality, both the Mexican and US made Taylors  share the same, incredible quality control as well as many of the manufacturing processes, including the drying of the wood and the construction of the necks and bodies. Whichever one you choose, you’re getting an incredibly well-made instrument, plus if you register your guitar with Taylor, you can extend your warranty for extra peace of mind (12 years for the guitar, 2 years for the pickup).


  1. Beautiful to play.

Taylor guitars have been designed for people who actually want to get the best out of their instrument, built with superior, high-quality tonewoods and made for players of all levels in need of a high-quality workhorse that'll last a lifetime. Each guitar you pick up, whether it’s a budget-friendly Baby Taylor or a high end Grand Auditorium, has been designed with playability and tonal quality at the forefront of the process. When you pick a Taylor guitar up, everything from the resonant tonewoods to the high-quality hardware and comfortable neck makes you want to play again and again!


  1. They are lovely on the eye!

Each guitar has unique features due to their tonewood and aesthetic detailing. They also age really well as Taylor ensure that each Tonewood is treated and dried accurately before creating the guitar but it’s impossible to age a guitar the same way playing it for 10+ years will, so they leave the finish quite light, to not only show off the quality of the wood but to allow the guitar to age and breathe.




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