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We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking Breedlove guitars, but why should you consider Breedlove when looking to purchase an acoustic guitar?

Breedlove Guitars was established In 1990, pioneering California luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, leaving their jobs at Taylor Guitars to create what would become Breedlove Guitars. They set up in Oregon and their intention was to produce guitars that merged traditional guitar making skills with modern technology.

In 2010, Breedlove was sold  to Tom and Molly Bedell's ''Two Old Hippies LLC'' of Bend Oregon, which owned Tom Bedell Guitars and Great Divide Guitars, as well as retail stores. They carried on the same ethos which still holds today of building tomorrow’s guitars today.

Today the affordable guitars are designed in the workshops in Oregon and mostly manufactured in China. They also have a build to order custom shop program available for handcrafted instruments built in the USA. 

With their goal of superior sound and sustainable eco tonewoods, they maintain they have the right guitar for you, at the right time in your musical journey and that you will sound better, play better and play more with a Breedlove.


So, what's Eco Tonewood? According to Breedlove, it's a design that replaces the soft center core usually found in laminate builds with a layer of individually harvested African mahogany. The company says that this design's effect is three-fold – providing for three layers of real tonewood, giving the acoustic a more impactful midrange and making laminate construction more sustainable. 

In 2020 they announced a partnership with actor Jeff Bridges to produce a signature model guitar that was sustainably sourced.

As always it comes down to what you think once you've tried one for yourself so  come in-store give them a strum and let us know what you think. Prices start at £399.




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