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The bass guitar is an often over looked instrument but has proven over the years to be one of the most important parts of the song writing process. Iconic songs like Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust' wouldn't be anywhere near as recognizable without John Deacons simple yet effective bass line. 

Although bass guitars share a lot of physical attributes with standard electric guitars they are very different. Boasting a much longer scale than a standard guitar as well as delivering a much deeper sound, bass can be recognized the world over as the vibration in your chest at a concert. Oh, and bass guitars have 4 strings, less is more. 

Bassists much like drummers are part of the rhythm section, driving the song and often locking in the drummers kick drum. Bassist can control how the song feels as well as sounds.

There are a lot of different styles of bass guitars, from the iconic Fender Precision Bass to the slightly more unusual Tokai Thunderbird. Although these basses look a world apart, BASSically (see what i did there?) they do the same job.



Fender's Legendary Precision Bass.


Tokai's slightly unusual Thunderbird.


Below is some of the basses that I would recommend which are available in the Rock Shop right now!


Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Bass II

 Made famous by Mike Kerr of rock duo Royal Blood. The Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet offers a shorter scale making playing a lot easier as well a beautiful roaring tone. perfect of entry level bass players and seasoned bass players alike. Available in a variety of colour's available with a beautiful gloss finish, there's a Junior Jet to suit everyone. 



Fender Player Series Precision Bass 

 Iconic in design, the Fender Precision (P bass) is known as the bass of choice of most bass players. Artists from Marcus Miller to Iron Maidens Steve Harris have used this bass for its great tone and versatility over the years. The old saying 'If in doubt, use a Fender' is extremely applicable.


Ibanez SR300B Bass

Ibanez have always been a big name in guitars for the gigging musician for years. The SR series of basses delivery punchy tone, fat low end and a great low profile neck for easier fingering on the fret board. favored by bass players as a studio bass due to the amount of different sounds this little beast can deliver. 




Come in store our store to check out a excellent selection of bass guitars.


Our store offers a great selection of bass guitars. From entry level to more high end for the seasoned bassist. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer great advice, regardless of your playing level.

 Happy Playing! 

Justin :) 





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