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Generally if you are being taught on a piano, usually on a one to one basis and you learn the position of middle C,  progressing to learning the four white keys to the right and the four white keys to the left you are learning the piano. The music you are learning from will also look like the in example A. 

In this case a piano based instrument is really what you should consider.

Example A



On the other hand if you are learning the keyboard, often in a class, you will learn a melody on the right hand while learning cords on the left hand.  You will also learn about selecting the style or rhythm, along with a suitable voice that suits the song and about auto accompaniment. The music you are learning from might look like example B.

In this case it is a keyboard you should be considering.


Example B



If you have decided that piano is the way for you please see the link below to our piano buyers guide.

Buying Your First Piano – Matchetts Music


If you have decided that you are interested in a keyboard we have a great selection of these available from the Yamaha PSR range offering entry level keyboards at affordable prices all with 61 keys to the PSR-EW series (76 key options). We also stock the semi pro PSR-SX series through to the flagship Genos professional model.

We would be delighted to welcome to you to our store where we can introduce you to the available range.  I am sure we will have a keyboard or piano so suit your needs at an affordable price. We even have 0% Finance options to help you get the instrument best suited to your needs

 By William Haughan


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