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Giving your child their first guitar should be an exciting moment for both child and parent. However, when choosing a first instrument often parents can feel daunted and overwhelmed with the variety of options available. Our advice is that the two most important factors in choosing a guitar for a young child are sizing and stability of tuning.

When it comes to the size of the guitar, an instrument that is too big for a child to hold comfortably will put them off learning and may make it very difficult to play certain notes or chords. While all children grow at different rates a good rule of thumb is that a 1/4 will fit a four to five year old, a 1/2 size will fit five to seven year olds, a 3/4 will usually fit eight to eleven year olds and from twelve and up children will often be ready for a full size.

Stability of tuning is another crucial quality to look for in a starter guitar. Learning an instrument is a challenge in its own right and no parent wants to place unnecessary hurdles in their child’s path. Remember, a child can’t distinguish between a mistake in their playing and failing of their instrument and may feel discouraged if their progress is impeded.

We have a range of quality student nylon string guitars starting from £49 and staff on hand to advise on the strengths of each model and help you find the best fit for your child.

By Tom McShane





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