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When purchasing your first drumkit for either yourself or your child the first consideration is whether to buy an electric or an acoustic drumkit. We have put together the benefits of each to help you make an informed decision.



Electric Drum Kits Pros

  • Up to 90% Quieter than standard Acoustic Drumkits.
  • Built in Coaching modes, metronomes & backing tracks.
  • Able to put headphones in for quieter practicing.
  • Different built in drum sounds, from Rock kits to Jazz & Electro kits.
  • Aux input for playing along to your favourite songs from your laptop or smartphone.
  • More compact & portable than a standard Acoustic Drumkit.


Acoustic Drum Kits Pros

  • Authentic real drum sound.
  • More ability to be able to customize your sound. From changing cymbals to changing drum heads.
  • Bigger surface area for hitting the drum. Electric kits generally come with 8” pads, while Acoustic drum heads can go up to 16”.
  • No amplification required.
  • Generally, most drum teachers will use Acoustic kits.
  • More options in colour, size & appearance.


In Conclusion if space and noise is an issue an electric drumkit is definitely the way forward. It is a great option for home practice with the headphones and built in metronome. However if it's the authentic real drum sound you're after with the option to customise your kit to create your own sound then an acoustic drumkit is what you need.



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