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Buying your first keyboard can be a little daunting, trying to work out the differences and the terminology when comparing the different models. 


In this article we look at the different features and benefits of the Yamaha PSR E and EW range of keyboards.

To begin with the PSRE range is Yamaha's entry range of home keyboards and include the PSR-E273, PSR-E373 and PSR-E463.

They all have 61 keys. (a full piano would have 88 keys)


As you go up the range the number of voices (the sounds of instruments) and styles (backing tracks) increase giving you more variety.

PSR-E273 has 401 voices and 143 styles

PSR-E373 has 622 voices and 205 styles

PSR-E463 has 785 voices and 235 styles


The next difference is with the sensitivity of the keys. The PSR-E373 and PSR-E463 have  touch sensitive keys which means the keys respond to how they are being played, with a lighter touch giving you a softer sound. This makes the keyboard much more expressive and dynamic.


Finally the PSR-E463 has a USB port which allows you connect to an external device such as a USB stick which, in turn, can facilitate audio recording. It also has pitch bend which allows you to alter the pitch of a note being played. 


In summary as you go up each model has more voices, the quality of the voices are better, more styles, a better speaker system and some extra features, all of which improve the customer experience of the instrument.


If you are looking for a slightly longer keyboard you could look at the PSR-EW 310 and PSR-EW410 which have 76 keys. These are similar to the PSR-E373 and PSR-E463 respectively with a few extras thrown in eg the PSR-EW410 has larger speakers and additional outputs.







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