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With so many variations of drumsticks out there, it can be hard to know which ones are the right fit for you.  Drumsticks come in various weights, thickness and length. The drumsticks are usually given a number followed by a letter (For Example 5A) this helps to guild you on which drumsticks you would need.


Below is a brief guild to the different types of drumsticks that are available;



5A drumsticks are by far the most popular drumsticks for beginners. They are the standard weight, thickness and length. When buying your first set of drumsticks, these are the ones that drum tutors will recommend.



5B drumsticks are very similar to the standard 5A but are slightly thicker and the tip is a little bigger for those who like to hit a little harder.



7A drumsticks (or Jazz sticks as they sometimes get called) are the thinness of all the sticks available. They are used primarily for Jazz, Funk and Soul music. They are also useful for those who wish to play faster beats due to the lightness and size but because of this, they can break easier.



2A  are the largest drumsticks on the general market. These are longer and thicker than most sticks which are designer for harder hitters and heavy rock drummers.


There are also a selection of different drumstick tips available. These are usually split into Plastic Nylon tip and wooden tip, apart from the material, the main difference between to two would be down to the clarity of the cymbal sound. Plastic Nylon tips allow you to have more brightness to the ringing while Wooden tips will tone it down ever so slightly.




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