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Below are three reasons why we think Cort guitars are worth looking at if you are thinking of buying a guitar or bass.

Firstly Cort make guitars for a bunch of companies, they are one of the largest manufacturers and their main business is producing guitars for other people. This helps them get to a scale that other guitar manufacturers can’t reach and also let’s them work on the most up to date ideas in building guitars.

Secondly at Cort they concentrate on getting the best specification for the lowest price in their own guitars. Their guitars might not have some of flashy features that only add to aesthetics but this means they can put the money into what really matters the WOOD and the build.

Lastly they don’t pay endorsees massive amounts of money to play their guitars. Their advertising budget is tiny compared to the larger brands they build guitars for.  This means they don’t have to add a large percentage to the price of their guitars to pay for this.


As always the proof is in the playing. We've a great selection in-store ready for you to try and we'd love to hear what you think!




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