Yes! You've got your first guitar but where do you start. Here are a few helpful links to get started.

1. Find a Teacher

Above is a link to our noticeboard where our local teachers advertise their lessons.

2. Reserve Your Free Place

Come in and see us on Saturday 7th January at our in-store 'How to Guitar Basic's' session. We'll go through the basics with you and there will be lots of opportunity for questions.

3. Guitar Tuning Video

Need a little help getting your guitar in tune. Above is a video showing you how to tune your guitar using an electric tuner.

4. Shop guitar accessories

Need a tuner or missing a few accessories. We've created a collection of our favourite guitar accessories.

5. Shop music books

We've put a collection of our favourite guitar tuition and chord books together for you.

6. Book a free session

Broken a string? Don't worry come in and see us and we'll get you sorted. We're also having a couple of 'How to change the strings on your guitar' session in February an March where we'll show you how to do it for yourself. 



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