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Sing lessons

Posted By: SARAH PATTON on 25th Apr 2019 | Carrickfergus | |


Following May Day I will have spaces available for Singing lessons! This is for beginner to intermediate level

I have 7 years experience in teaching with 100% pass rate for all board exams.

If you or someone you know is interested in starting singing lessons whether it's just for fun or exam purposes please

Thank you ????????


Musical Theatre and Popular Music Vocal Lessons with GHMusic School

Posted By: Lisa McCrissican on 11th Mar 2019 | Downpatrick | 07936007652 |

Saturdays are made for music!

Out at GHMusic School in Downpatrick, I am accepting new students of all ages and capabilities for singing lessons every Saturday between 10.00am and 6.00pm. Whether your interest lies in performing musical theatre, getting out into the gigs, or simply developing your own confidence, lessons are a great way to build upon the knowledge you already have and to learn new techniques to propel you forward in your musical journey. Plus music has been proven to be a great method of stress relief, so there are many reasons to get involved.

Want to start your musical journey today? Contact GHMusic School on 07745 555096 or by email at to arrange lesson times.



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